Metaphysics for Beginners Program

Metaphysics for Beginners Program (Eight Week Study Program)

Morning Session (10am-Noon) or Evening Session (7-9pm)

The Metaphysics for Beginner’s Program is an eight week course designed to give an overview of several metaphysical topics. Upon the completion of the course, you should have knowledge in a variety of topics and also gain insights on how to use that knowledge to assist you in your everyday life.

Class Curriculum

Metaphysics is about understanding the world around you, beyond what can be perceived with our five physical senses. Metaphysics is a multifaceted topic, and has such a variety of subjects. Each topic will build upon the knowledge and energy gained from the previous topic.  Once the program is completed, you will have a better understanding of yourself and your God given gifts.

  • Building Your Psychic Tool Box
  • Exploring Your Power Centers (chakras)
  • The Four Levels of ESP & Exercises
  • Tools for the Metaphysician (pendulum work, tarot and oracle cards, crystals, runes, numerology, protection and prayer)
  • Embarking on Your Spiritual Path
    • Creating Sacred Space (how to create an alter)
    • Meditation (methods for quieting the mind ~ prayer, affirmations, labyrinth)
    • Dreams
    • Astrology Sign
    • Soul Role
    • Ray Power
  • Healing Tools (sage, essential oils, sea salt baths, pendulums, healing wands, sound)
  • Inviting Spiritual Helpers (angels, guides, animal spirit guides, masters and goddesses)

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