Reiki ART/III Master Level Certification Program

For those who have been practicing Reiki and now intend to become a Master/Teacher of Reiki.

Class Curriculum

  • Registration and Smudging
  • Introductions
  • Review of Reiki Manual and other Materials
  • Chakra Clearing Meditation
  • Reiki Talk: What is a Reiki Master; Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening; Five Steps to Spiritual Evolution; The 12 Chakras; Understanding the Attunement Process; Explain the Hui Yin Position; The Violet Breath;  Reiki III Master Symbols; Practice Drawing Symbols; Importance of Protecting & Clearing Self
  • Experience a Mini Reiki Session
  • Reiki ART/III Master Attunement Process
  • Learn How to Use the Symbols for Healing
  • Practice Session Using Master Symbols
  • Guided Meditation for Healing
  • How to Build Your Reiki Practice
  • Questions and Sharing
  • Certificates Awarded

Reiki manuals will be provided and Master attunement given.

Program Information

People who are open minded, spiritual and have a call to do healing work on self or others.


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