Advanced Studies for Soul Therapy Practitioners (ASTP)

The goal of the Advanced Studies for STPs is to help you to take your own soul work to a deeper level. This new program will be a one weekend program that will run from 10am-4pm. You are required to attend both days to receive your certificate along with completing classroom exercises. First group is almost filled, so if this program speaks to you, check in for guidance and let me know.

Class Curriculum

The Advanced Studies for Soul Therapy Practitioners©(ASTP) program is a self-guided program and and here is the class agenda:

  • Gathering/Welcome Circle
  • The Three Wills of God
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Understanding and Healing a Rift in Time
  • The Power of the AM THAT I AM
  • Divine Alchemy
  • Six Steps of Moving into the 5th Dimension
  • Kuthumi’s Tests of Empowerment
  • New Chakra Colors for the New Human (Adam Kadmon)
  • Our Spiritual Path to Mastery ~ Hologram of Love
  • Prayers of Light and Protection

Program Information

*** This is a 2-day class. Attendance on both days is mandatory. ***


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