Angelology Certificate Program

The Angelology Certificate Program is designed for those wishing to deepen their knowledge, and understanding of the inner working of the angelic realm. It is through this unique program, you will delve into the world of angels including their classification, role and purpose in humanity’s lives, exam the existence of satan, and the purpose spiritual warfare, how to connect with angels and how to receive messages, and how angels can guide and support us with our soul mission.

Class Curriculum

Course Overview:

Within the past 20 years, there has been a growing interest in personal spirituality and especially a heightened curiosity about angels and learning about them and connecting with them. Angels have been well documented in every religion and culture, and their presence embedded in many religious traditions. Angelology is the study of angels, and this unique program will explore the existence of angels, provide a clear understanding of the angelic realm and celestial hierarchy as a whole. Going more in-depth, will explore different aspects of angels and how they can communication, intervene, and work with us, consider different perspectives and purpose of demonic beings, as well as evaluating your own beliefs.


Program Syllabus:

  • Explore the Existence of Angels
  • Creating & Nature of Angels
  • Classification of Angels & the Angelic Hierarchy
  • The Role of Angelic Beings Throughout History
  • Purpose of their Existence
  • The History of Satan
  • Activities and Purpose of Spiritual Warfare
  • Connecting & Communicating with Angels
  • Signs of Angelic Presence
  • Receiving Heavenly Messages
  • Differentiating Between Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Deceased Loved Ones, and Higher Self
  • Invoking Angels for Guidance
  • Healing with the Angels
  • How Angels Can Guide Us in Daily Living

Program Information

Requirements for Certification

First to have an open mind and a desire to take your angel study to a more serious and deeper level. Through out the four month program (one weekend a month for four months), you will need to past three mini tests and submit final project at the end for grading.

Program Fee: $425.00

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