The soul reading that Elizabeth brought through in my reading was amazing. Many Blessings and Deep Gratitude.


My reading with Elizabeth and the angels, was amazing. Wonderful insight and my reading turned into a healing. Bless Elizabeth and the angels.


Blessings Elizabeth! I just was offered the job that was brought about during my angel reading! My last day of work here is next Friday, and I start my new position on March 3. God and the angels were right about the entire reading, and I am now blessed beyond measure! I called on my team, and my dad as you told me, and I could feel their presence working – You told me to let you know how things worked out.


Thank you for the reading yesterday. It helped put a lot of things in perspective. I needed reminding that patience is a lesson I’m here to learn; I tend to want to make things right immediately, when I know sometimes time and patience are necessary for answers. Anyhow, thank you again:)


Thank you Elizabeth!! My reading resonates quite highly with me!! The career,job parts especially cause that is exactly where I am at. I loved the reading thanks so much again!!


Hello Elizabeth, I just want to thank you for your presence in this world. I have a deep respect for your work!! You are such a wonderful role model for women! Have a glorious day!


Elizabeth, I wanted to tell you I received your book Saturday afternoon and I finished reading it Sunday afternoon! I could not put it down. I tried. Every time I did I would turn back around and go get the book. It was wonderful reading about your life and how your Divine Path came about. You are a true inspiration not just to me but to all those you have touched or helped.

GerriNew Hampshire

I can’t thank you enough for another wonderful training. Both classes were filled with insight (both into myself and the subject matter) and tips and great “how to’s”. Your teaching style is approachable and relatable on a personable level. Never once do you make me feel like I can’t do this or I’m in over my head. Your sage advice and wisdom from years of practice add a wonderful dimension to the Angel reading training. I can’t wait to take more classes with you in the future.

LaurenNew Hampshire