During this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn how to create a shift in their perspective regarding any area of their lives they feel “stuck” in. We will do this by allowing our mind to quiet so that our own intuition can be heard.

All attendees will receive their own, hand-crafted pouch of stones for the divination exercise and be taught how to use and care for them.

This workshop is particularly helpful for those wrestling with big decisions, experiencing repeating “issues” in their lives, dealing with grief after a loss or struggling to find balance after a traumatic experience of any kind.

***People currently under medical or psychological treatment should consult with their care providers before attending our workshops and/or events.

About Vicky Edgerly

Vicky Edgerly is the owner of White Elephant Wisdom in Pittsfield, NH, and is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher who uses the wisdom she’s gained through study & personal experience to assist others in navigating life’s challenges. As someone who has chosen to grow from her STE’s (‘Spiritually Transformative Events’ ….a life event that changes one’s belief systems and outlook on life), she uses her knowledge and experience to empower others.

Vicky specializes in showing folks the way through the grieving experience by applying metaphysical practices. She has worked closely with The Afterlife Education Foundation from Portland Oregon for several years and was featured twice in open panel discussions at their annual conference.

Cost: $35


Divine Healing

July 17 @ 18:30
18:30 — 20:30 (2h)

Divine Healing

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.