Inspired by Ascended Master Buddha, Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth now to accelerate the healing process for humanity … focusing on expanding your abilities as a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational nature for the benefit of others.

Lightarian Reiki uniquely prepares you to deliver a broader spectrum of healing energies by extending the vibrational range of Reiki beyond Usui-based and Karuna® Reiki modalities.

Through your enhanced and expanded attunement connection with Ascended Master Buddha, you will also personally benefit in your own healing process … by raising your personal vibration as you step through the four levels of the Lightarian Reiki program.  For more information, please visit

Program Information

People who are open minded, spiritual and have a call to do healing work on self or others.

*** This is a 4-month program. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory for certification. ***

Cost: $225.00

Registration: To register, please click here to sign up with True North Wellness.

Location: This class will be held online using Zoom.

March 20 @ 13:00
13:00 — 15:00 (2h)


Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.