Astral Travel is the art or science of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body. This type of travel can be accomplished while you are conscious and awake, as well as unconscious and in dream state.

Through practice and understanding, astral experiences can be quite effective, accurate, and informative. The only limitation is in your own mind or lack of imagination.

This 2-hour workshop will:
• Explore the nature of the out-of-body experience
• Discuss and dismiss the fears associated with the experience
• See the potential of the experience as a tool for soul expansion and transformation
• Take you through a meditation and discuss exercises that will help you gain awareness of the conscious astral body
• Dive into how to interact with the astral realm

There is a private Facebook group – The Travelers – that you can be added to. It is a forum to discuss your experiences and ask questions, with Facebook Live meditations & discussions.

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Cost: $20
To register, please email me or call me at 984-219-7197‬



This class is being offered at a discounted price and will be held online using Zoom.  After registration, you will be given instructions for attending the online class.

April 29 @ 19:00
19:00 — 21:00 (2h)

Elizabeth Foley PhD

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.