Join Karen Campbell, grief counselor and energy healer of Grief & Healing Connections, for an hour of meditation and energy healing.

During this healing circle, we will focus on healing within ourselves. When we heal within ourselves, we bring our healing to the world around us. Dedicating time to ourselves is self-care, it is an endeavor that is needed in our lives. The energy healings of Melchizedek and Reiki serve to activate the healing within our being. Energy healing reminds us of our connection to the source of all energy, to that which is greater than ourselves. During meditation and energy healing, we reconnect with our true self that is often stifled beneath layers of stress and imposed conditions.

During this Healing Circle for Self, Karen will lead both quiet and guided meditations. During a guided meditation, Karen will unite the circle in the Melchizedek Healing Method. During quiet meditation, Karen will share Reiki healing with each individual. Participants need only to be present and seated comfortably.

Participants are asked to dress for their comfort. Air conditioning will be in use, please bring your own blanket or warm outerwear.

Healing Circle with Karen

Time: 11am-Noon

Cost: $20

For further information, please contact Karen at


May 11 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)

Quantum Healing Center of NH

Karen Campbell