Dr. Andrew Lendhart’s talk is entitled The Future of Medicine and will contrast the traditional allopathic approach that seeks to make a diagnosis that can then be managed with a variety of pharmaceuticals indefinitely with an integrative functional medicine approach that focuses on bio individuality, prevention and wellness. We are at a crossroads in American medicine spending more than double what other countries in the Western world spend per capita with a relatively mediocre level of care provided. More and more people are taking control of their own health and understand the importance of nutrition, the microbiome, stress management and detoxification. Will machine learning and artificial intelligence be used to understand the root causes of illnesses to such a degree that we can prevent most health conditions from ever happening or will it be used to perpetuate the current model that seeks to label and manage chronic conditions rather than understand and reverse them?

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This class will be held online using Zoom.
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This class will be held online using Zoom.

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July 14 @ 18:00
18:00 — 20:00 (2h)

Elizabeth Foley PhD

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.