Welcome to exploring the world of the unseen.  Have your ever heard people talking around you, but no one was there?  Have you ever felt a touch, or as if someone is standing beside you though no one is present?  Or perhaps you’ve seen a flash of light or heard footsteps at night or even children laughing?  Or maybe when walking into a certain room or place, you’ve felt an energy shift?  Do your pets seem to see or follow someone or something that is not there?  These examples and many more are signs that you have experienced the world of the unseen.

Dr. Elizabeth Foley has worked in the field of metaphysics and spirituality for over 18 years.  Her journey began with Reiki, angel practitioner training, and mediumship.   Then with the angels by her side, Elizabeth allowed brand new adventures into her life. As she expanded her gifts,  a whole new world came alive and the realm of Spirit revealed itself to her.  “Once I opened the door to beings of Light,” she says,  “magical things began to happen, and I felt guided to help others to explore spirituality and develop their intuition. Intuition is the way God, angels, and Spirit speaks to us all.”

During your time together, Elizabeth will discuss the world of the unseen and present a slideshow of different types of energies.  You’ll see actual photographic evidence of angelic energies in nature, fairies, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and even portals and extraterrestrials.  Come and hear about her experiences with the unseen as you discover your own. The evening will surely be both magical and insightful!

Cost: $35

To register, please email me or call me at 984-219-7197‬.


Dancing Moon Books & Gifts

1840 Wake Forest Road
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June 27 @ 13:00
13:00 — 15:00 (2h)

Dancing Moon Books and Gifts

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.