Each of us has a unique Divine soul mission and the pure essence of our soul helps with our overall divine purpose and mission. This unique program can assist you in discovering and aligning your inner spiritual life with your outer life. With this alignment, it can help to empower you with a deeper understanding of your soul’s essence which turns into Divine wisdom and compassion for self and others.

Class Curriculum

  • What is the Soul
  • Connecting to the Voice of the Soul
  • Discovering Your Soul Age and Level
  • Understand the Role of Your Soul
  • Seven Rays and How They Affect the Personality of Your Soul
  • Exploring the Twelve Life Lessons
  • Steps to Attain Mastery and Manifest Your Mission

This class will be held online using Zoom.

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Cost: $95


This class will be held online using Zoom.

True North Wellness

Pickering Street
Essex, MA 01929



November 14 @ 10:00
10:00 — 15:30 (5h 30′)

True North Wellness

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.