Do you know that there are money angels? Yes there are! And  they would love to help you to joyfully let go of whatever struggles you have regarding money. Money is actually energy – therefore, it can communicate with you!  In this class you will learn: the truth about money;  hear what the angels say about money; discover your own inner feelings and beliefs about money;  be introduced to the money angels;  ways to heal your relationship with money and create prosperity. Your angels are very powerful healers, so let them help you to heal this part of your life.  The class will close with some powerful healing and abundance exercises.  The class promises to be insightful, healing and fun!

Cost: $30

To register for events, please call (603) 888-0658

March 11 @ 13:00
13:00 — 15:00 (2h)

Divine Healing

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.