The intention of the Angel Exploration Group of NE is to make working with the angels easy, practical and safe for everyone. The group provides a space and opportunity to strengthen your intuitive muscles, expand and deepen your Divine connection, and allows you to practice your angel readings. In a safe, heart-centered and positive environment, you will receive Divine Guidance and have the opportunity to practice reading for others. This Meetup is for people who already are or would like to work closely with their angelic team. This is a monthly gathering whereby members can practice their angel readings, explore other areas of spirituality and experience mini talks covering other metaphysical and spiritual topics.

The Angel Exploration of New England Meetup Group meets the last Wednesday of each month at Divine Healing in Nashua, NH.

To register for this meetup, please call (603) 888-0658.

For more information visit our Meetup website:

May 30 @ 19:00
19:00 — 21:00 (2h)

Divine Healing

Elizabeth Foley Ph.D.